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7 Steps to building trust on your website

BUILDING TRUST ON YOUR WEBSITE- 7 quick suggestions (plus one bonus recommendation) Visitors to your website need to know they can trust you. Its not just about the products and services you offer. Visitors need to get a sense of who you are so they want to trust...

Do I need a smartphone friendly website?

What is a “responsive” website? For a website owner – it should mean having a website that automatically looks its best on all size devices from Desktops to mobiles. It should mean that your users get  fast loading web pages that are easy to use. For...

Take the Smartphone Google Test

Is your website  smartphone friendly?   Google has changed the rules, if your website is not smartphone friendly, you are at risk of google removing it from searches done on smartphones. Google wish to deliver quality service to smartphone users. If your website...

Youtube is now 10 years old

Youtube has become a household name, and yet before April 23rd 2000, it did not exist. Its growth in 10 years has been nothing short of phenomonal and considering its just a “platform” for others to place content on – no one would have predicted its potential.

Major Google Update – 21st April Mobile website ranking

21st April 2015 has been flagged as D-Day by Google for ranking mobile friendly websites.

What is different about this….

In essence, if your website is not google friendly then google searches on mobile devices will start to give priority to websites that are mobile friendly. and your website may no longer appear on google searches on mobile devices..

Speed up Payments from Clients

All businesses need to make it easier for clients to make payments to them. This does not necessitate you having a full online shop for your business to get maximum value from making it easy for clients to pay you. And we all want to get paid quickly and provide a very effective solution.

Why update your software?

Whilst is does not apply only to browsers ( Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) – it is not uncommon for computer owners not to have updated their browser software for a number of years. Apart from the obvious issues of “websites don’t look right on my browser” issues because you have not updated, you are at risk of putting your computer, its contents, and being the cause of infecting computers of people you contact from your computer ( even ifs only by email)…. Sinme solution – ensure you have the latest browser version of your browser.

10 Worst Passwords

Yes we all know that many people use the word “password” as their password and we all now how secure that is (NOT!).
If you are using any of these top 10 worst passwords then right now is a good time to change…..